• René Pothetes

Don’t Be Fooled

A new local place near me is promoting nutritious, delicious shakes, all under 250 calories in very appealing flavors; cookies and cream, cookie monster, S’mores, fruity pebbles, blueberry cheesecake, red velvet cake…

Yummy yummy yummy and healthy…or not?

I went to try it out.

Really nice location, great set-up and very friendly, knowledgeable people working there.

Ordered my shake and while it was being prepared I looked around and asked some questions about the protein being used.

I won’t mention the brand, but it’s junk.

Here’s where it pays to do some research and re-think how you look at food. Under 250 calories right? Very appealing…but if the calories are junk, it’s a waste. One of the services I offer my clients is an opportunity to go grocery shopping to better understand reading labels and evaluating options for nutrition, take a look: https://www.eatevolveinspire.com/a-la-carte

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